To help businesses receive and utilize knowledge necessary for the competitive integration process, Saigon World Trade Center provides training courses in business and trading skills.

1. Global Business Environment

1. Global Business Environment

The contents of this course highlights the activities of international trade, opportunities, and the challenges it brings to today’s businesses. In addition, topics on ethical issues in business today will be discuss.

2. International Marketing

This course covers topics on developing a marketing plan for the implementation of business objectives and the coordination of international marketing for products and services. Attendees will understand the functions for marketing and the difference between domestic and international marketing. Topics on how to develop products and services in foreign markets as well as how to effectively market to the masses will be covered.

3. International Trade Finance

This course demonstrates:

  1.  Methods and financial tools to successfully implement international business transactions
  2. Risk assessment techniques for businesses worldwide
  3. Preventing legal consequences.

The students will have an overview of the nature and scope of trade finance – in particular the "four key elements" of trade finance as a means of payment, risk management, capital raising and providing information relating to a transaction

The role of technology in financial trade and the importance of the agency providing export credit will also be a covered in this course as well as insights into international financial institutions in foreign countries.

4. Managing the Global Supply Chain

This course offers a thorough look at the activities in the global supply chain including production management processes and inventory management with international standards and security.

Other topics included in this syllabus are the key factors of an adoption plan and how it affects business planning, the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport, the opportunities of rental service providers outside the supply chain strategy, the ordering process, inventory management and other issues of concern.

5. Strategic planning on how to penetrate the international markets

This course will include a comprehensive review plan on how to penetrate international markets for exports and services and elaborate on market penetration strategy optimization.

Students will be able to assess the barriers and identify strategies for market penetration, introducing potential international partners through consultation, and the analysis of different advantages as well as discussing the limitations.

6. Researching the international trade

The content of this course is aimed at the importance of researching a plan and effectively executing and promoting the activities of the company. Students will be able to expand the research subjects relevant to the business goals of the company and choose the most suitable data.

The course will teach students the methods for analyzing and presenting research data efficiently and, thus, be able to identify and evaluate opportunities for international trade.

7. The legal issues of international trade

This course presents the basic principles in the conduct of international business. It covers the legal relationship of international business activities, the legal aspects related to intellectual property, competition law and antitrust, and discusses trade and public law issues associated with e-commerce in international business.

8. International Trade Administration

The materials presented in this course gives students the ability to develop international business projects, thus ensuring an understanding of the scope, extent and unity of the practical issues of international trade.

Discuss the factors that ensure the profitable entry into the import-export business and how the company's resources can be mobilized to undertake the opportunity of international business.

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