This is a special service offered only by SWTC. Enterprises can create a virtual booth that is hosted by SWTC which operates 24/7 online.

Members can design and customized their own virtual booth. Businesses can utilize the SWTC’s Market Gateway network to showcase their products and services.

Market gateway can be accessed by potential buyers from all over the world.

Why choose Market Gateway?

Why choose Market Gateway?
  • Market Gateway is not restricted by geographical distance.
  • Virtual booth operates 24/7 , 365 globally
  • Duration is extensive.
  • Cost saving.
  • Exposure to potential buyers worldwide through the network of SWTC’s Market Gateway.

The advantages of this service include

  • The enterprise’s market is not restricted by geographical distance.
  • The virtual booth operates online 24/7 .
  • The duration of the booth is longer than the traditional exhibition
  • Cost savings.
  • Exposure to enterprises worldwide through the Market Gateway network.

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