Trade Intelligence provides standard import and export data that businesses need to open & access new markets around the world. Our database is always updated in a comprehensive, timely and accurate manner with information about the imports and exports of goods through the ports of the United States,Latin American, and Asian countries.

Trade Intelligence is the primary resource for world trade interests of more than 50 countries across the continents. Data is collected from more than 25,000 bills of landing everyday through customs.

Why use TI?

Why use TI?
  • A proven strategy to leverage opportunities in the supply chain
  • Our data covers 100% of American waterborne imports and approximately 94% of American containerized exports
  • Our US trade data is baed on bills of landing (BoLs)
  • Daily information retrieval from Customs & Border Protection

Data source

  • ISO certified data centers
  • United States Customs
  • Archive records of over 900 million records
  • More data is collected everyday through customs.

Import Data

 Importation data is available to view with each Trade Profile

  • Bill of Landing Number
  • U.S Port
  • Foreign Port
  • Vessel Name
  • Voyage Number
  • Manifest Number
  • Overseas Origin
  • Shipment Arrival Date
  • Shipment Container Number
  • Shipment Weights and Measures
  • Name and Address of U.S Consignee.
  • Name and Address of Foreign Shipper.
  • Product Description
  • Marks and Numbers
  • TEU count
  • Estimated Value

Export Data

Exportation data is available to view with each Trade Profile:

  • Bill of Landing Number
  • U.S Port
  • Foreign Port
  • Quantity and Unit of Measure
  • Vessel Name
  • Vessel Number
  • Overseas Destination
  • Shipment Container Number
  • Shipment Weights and Measures.
  • Name and Address of U.S Exports.
  • Product Description.
  • TEU count.
  • Estimated Value
  • Shipment Departure Date.

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